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Rally taken out against Sethu project

RAMANATHAPURAM: The Movement against Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project conducted a rally at Rameswaram on Friday. They wanted the State and Central Governments to immediately stop the dredging work. The rally started at the railway station and culminated at Agnitheerthakadarkarai. N. Markandeyan, former Vice-Chancellor of Gandhigram University, led the agitation. Nearly 500 people participated.

The protestors alleged that the authorities had done data sampling only at 10 locations along the navigation route. Similar study was not undertaken in the Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park.

They said that dredging in Adam’s Bridge area would result in severe environmental disturbance. Whales and other marine species would be affected owing to the dredging work. According to scientists, mammals might have died owing to emission of sonar waves by ships .