Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: Stella Maris College has received Rs.25 lakh from Member of Parliament M.S. Swaminathan’s Local Area Development fund.

The agricultural scientist, who made the announcement at the college day celebrations on Saturday, said the funds could be used to build any facilities that the college required.

He congratulated the college on imparting value education for over six decades, and traced the achievements made by the country since independence. Youngsters who participate in the electoral process should know that for the country’s sustained growth it is important to safeguard the pillars of democracy such as media, judiciary, election commission and the parliament.

Expressing concern about global warming, Dr. Swaminathan, who is the chairman of M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, said: “We need to live in harmony with nature and accept diversity and plurality in caste, creed and political belief and nurture it.” He urged them to think about how they would deal with internal factors such as violence to mankind and nature. The growing unsustainable lifestyles had led to climate change and global warming.

“In our own interest of survival we must take the environmental degradation seriously. It is everyone’s business. We need to cooperate to serve our environment. You [students] have to be the flagship of the new education movement, care for the environment and the human family,” he said.