State of our museums

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It was saddening to read about the state of our museums, especially the one at Salem.

When crores of rupees are spent by the government on populist ventures and freebies, we have no funds to house our museums in good and safe premises and as a result, priceless artefacts languish in the open left to providence to care!

Our leaders spend hours sermonising about our heritage, culture and language.

But they have no money to finance preservation of the same.

Can the government at least now spare reasonable portions in the budget to maintain our heritage in museums safely for posterity?

J.V.V Murthy,


Clarification needed

The registration for Aadhaar Card for me and my wife was done through the same agency within a space of three days.

\While the card has been issued to my wife I am yet to receive mine.

I understand that for some whose biometric data had been collected much earlier too have not received their cards.

It will be of immense help if a clarification is issued by the authorities.

K.D. Viswanaathan,

Thadagam Road.

Dazzling headlamps

Driving a vehicle on Periyanaickenpalayam Road is an arduous task, especially at night.

On the Mettupalayam NH Road, vehicles go at high speed with headlights on high beam and with scant regard for oncoming vehicles.

Most vehicles do not have the bull's eye sticker on the headlamps which is a necessity according to road rules.

I request the transport office and road safety authorities to ensure that all vehicles follow the rules regarding headlights.

N. Rajkumar,


No water supply

We, the residents of Podanur for the past 40 years at Sabari Nagar, have been forced to go without water for the past 25 days.

Water is supplied to us once a month or at the most once in 25 and that too for one hour only. The previous Municipal administration at least used to supply borewell water once in two days, but that too is not supplied properly.

Now, it is being supplied once in 15 days.

Added to this irregularity, the erratic power supply which extends to almost 10 to 12 hours, further adds to our agony.

Previously, we would contact the Municipal authorities but since our area has been included to the Corporation, our predicament has become worse.

We are not able to contact higher officials and if at all we do, pat comes the reply: “sorry, there is no water.”

We are regular payers of house tax and water tax, but do not get our quota of water. Is it not the duty of the Corporation to look into this matter and do the needful?

Prasad Mahadevan,



Bus stop needed

near The Hindu

There is a necessity for a bus stop near The Hindu office on LIC Road.

This will benefit children and senior citizens intending to visit the VOC Park, zoo,

The Hindu office, Jail gate, Kerala Club and Chintamani Supermarket (for LPG customers).

A. Flinger,


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