Special Correspondent

“Heart care for children is one among many schemes”

THANJAVUR: The State Government was taking care of the interests of the neglected and unnoticed sections of the society by introducing schemes for their welfare, said the Union Minister of State for Finance, S. S. Palani Manickam, at Vallam near here on Saturday.

He inaugurated the Ilam Sirar Iruthaya Pathukappu Thittam (Chief Minister’s Special Cardiac Surgery Scheme). Due to change in food habits and environment, children were affected by ailments that were present only in old people in the past. If children were not taken care of, India’s future would be in jeopardy. The heart check- up scheme for children would go a long way in putting an end to heart ailments among children born in poor families.

The Chief Minister had announced recently a scheme for old women who remained spinsters. He had also introduced a scheme for orphaned parents with male children, he said.

The Commercial Taxes Minister, S. N. M. Ubayathulla, handed over medical check-up report to two children at the camp.

The Deputy Director, Health, N. Chandramohan, said that some children were affected with congenital and rheumatic heart diseases. In Thanjavur district, 350 students had been identified with heart ailments. Those who needed surgery had been identified. A sum of Rs. 10,000 was provided by the Government for ordinary surgery, Rs. 60,000 for open-heart surgery and Rs. 70,000 for complicated surgery.

Seventeen Government and private hospitals took part in this scheme and the students could choose any of these hospitals for undergoing surgery. Thanjavur Medical College Hospital, Thanjavur Anu Hospital, Madurai Apollo hospital and Madurai Meenakshi Mission hospital participated in the camp.

Children from Vallam, Budalur, Naducauvery, Melattur and Thiruvonam attended the camp held on Saturday at Vallam. Another camp will be held at Patteeswaram on June 26 to benefit children in Patteeswaram, Murukkankudi, Konulampallam and Kabisthalam in Kumbakonam division.

Pattukottai camp

For Pattukottai division, a camp will be held at Pattukottai on June 28. Children from Azhagiya Nayagipuram, Seruvaviduthi, Thamarankottai, Alathur and Thondarampattu will participate in this camp.

Mahesh Krishnaswamy, MLA, Selvi Sivagnanam, Chairperson, Thanjavur district panchayat council, T. Selvam. Chairman, Thanjavur Marketing Committee, and T. Karl Marx, Member, Social Welfare Board, were present.