Clean sweep by girls in the list of State ranks and subject toppers

: A State-wide analysis of the Class X examination results which were declared on Friday has shown that it is a virtual landslide victory and clean sweep by girls, both in the list of State ranks and subject toppers.

Also, the results have shown that Chennai city was decimated to an insignificant position as districts dominated the scene this year when it came to ranks and toppers.

Kanyakumari district stood first in the State with a pass percentage of 97.29 followed by Tuticorin with 95.42 pass percentage. Erode district got third position with 95.36 pass percentage. Totally 16 districts in the State have secured a pass percentage of over 90 per cent. Cuddalore district got the lowest pass percentage of 75.25 in this year’s Class X results in the State, Chennai stood at six place in the State with an overall pass percentage of 94.61.

While the top three State ranks were unusually shared by 198 students from various districts, 149 top slots were captured by girl students. In fact, the State first rank (which was prepared based on Tamil as first language) was bagged by girls only.

While the first rank was shared by nine girl students, the second rank was secured by as many as 52 students of which it was again predominantly by girls. Chennai was virtually decimated in the State rank list as only 15 students could find a place in the list of top three State ranks shared by 198 students.

The overall second rank in the State was bagged by 52 students of which there were only 14 boys. Similarly, for the third rank too, it was gala performance by girls. Of the total number of 137 students who secured State third rank, 102 were girls and the remaining 35 were boys.

Kanyakumari district made it to the top in the State this year with 97.24 pass percentage as against 92.12 last year. In line with the overall trend, the top three district toppers there were also girls.

“We are jubilant to reach the first position in the State in Class Board exams this year. Striking a right balance between bright students and weak students made it possible to secure State ranks and high pass percentage,” says A. S. Radhakrishnan, Chief Educational Officer of Kanyakumari district.

Four southern districts — Kanyakumari, Tuticorin, Virudhunagar and Madurai — have figured in the top-10 list of district-wise performance in the State.

Education consultant Jayaprakash A.Gandhi was not convinced about the rain of ranks and centums.

“The results show that it was very liberal paper correction and easy question papers got high marks. I won’t say the students are bright. Their real intelligence will be known after Plus Two,” he observed.

Mr.Gandhi has expressed concern that the examination system has been diluted after the introduction of ‘Samacheer Kalvi’ which gave away to uniform school education. “My advice is that examination should be easy to pass but difficult to score centum. Mere vomiting from textbooks and depending on memory power is a bad sign,” he cautions.

The Chief Educational Officer of Erode district, K. Sridevi, was happy that two students from Erode district bagged State first rank, three students got State second rank and eight students secured State third rank this year. S.Nagaraja Murugan, Chief Educational Officer of Thiruvallur district, opined that the revised syllabus for Class X could have a positive impact on students.

“There is a five-fold increase in the number of centums this year. Last year, Thiruvallur district had 887 subject centums while it had shot up to 5,069 centums this year,” he said.