To curb profiteering in Nagapattinam

Flying squads have been formed to ensure distribution of fertilisers on declared prices and curb profiteering in the district.

Any discrepancies in book keeping between actual stocks and the recorded stocks, hoarding and selling without billing and no-maintenance of a price chart would invite action against the dealers, a release from the agricultural department said.

The squad would conduct surprise checks to ensure that certified fertilisers and pesticides were sold.

It would direct lab tests of samples collected in the event of suspicious practices.

The department of agriculture has released a chart of prices of domestic urea sold under different companies. They include Crypto at Rs.278.96 (imported at Rs.276.12); IFFCO at Rs.278.96 (imported at Rs.276.12), SPIC at Rs.278.51 and RCF at Rs.278.98. The prices of D.A.P. are as follows: IFFCO at Rs.624; SPIC at Rs.656.06; I.P.L at Rs.608.40; Zuari at Rs.630; and R.C.F at Rs.564.77.

The prices of M.O.P are: IPL at Rs.312; FACT at Rs.262.36; Zuari at Rs.315; and R.C.F at Rs.278.98.

With the start of the Kuruvai season, the department of agriculture has issued a statement that adequate agricultural inputs were made available with the Primary Agricultural Cooperatives and private dealers.

Any complaints in quality of inputs or in distribution may be reported at the office of Deputy Director of Agriculture on 04365-242351; or Assistant Director of Agriculture (Quality Control) on 7373088004.

Any malpractices in fertiliser distribution or in other essential inputs or in the quality of fertilisers or other inputs shall invite initiation of legal action against the companies and dealers.