Superintendent of Police V. Balakrishnan intercepted moffusil bus drivers on the four-lane highway after they were found driving in a rash and negligent manner on Sunday.

Following complaints from the public, the SP, with a special team, conducted checks at various points.

Intercepting the vehicles, the SP imposed fines of Rs 1,100 for dangerous driving and instructed Vadipatti police to take further action against the erring drivers. A private mofusil bus plying on Madurai-Dindigul route was stopped for blowing air-horn in an uninterrupted manner near Samayanallur. The driver was detained and taken for examination.

In Samayanallur, an auto rickshaw driver was stopped for overloading. The driver was transporting more than the prescribed number of commuters. Further, he was not wearing uniform, which is mandatory as per Motor Vehicles Act. The police seized the vehicle and interrogation revealed that the driver had no valid papers.

Along the four-way lane, near Paravai, a water tanker lorry was moving on the wrong lane thus causing risk to other motorists. The vehicle was detained and the police educated the driver on how to use the four-way lane.

Soon, the highway patrol and traffic police personnel would stop erring drivers and educate them on how to use the four-way lane. By creating awareness, accidents can be prevented, Mr. Balakrishnan said in a press release.