ViSolve, an IT consulting and support services firm, hopes to expand its research and development operations in the city.

Sena Palanisami, Chief Executive Officer, says the software company hopes to scale up its revenue and manpower in a few years. He was in the city recently to celebrate ViSolve's 15 years of operations.

“ViSolve is looking to grow 300 per cent in terms of resources and revenue in the next couple of years. The India-US head count will go up from 60 to over 200, and revenue will cross millions of dollars.”

The company offers IT consultancy, software product development, customisation and migration of IT support services, has expertise in Open Source Integrated Stack, health care IT, data centre implementation, migration, system security, etc.

The company will go public by 2013, says Mr. Sena, who has worked with Hewlett Packard for over 20 years.

In keeping with the expansion plans, ViSolve has joined hands with Porter Consultancy to form a new entity, Radiatus.

The objective of Radiatus will be to establish its supremacy in Linux, Windows and Unix migrations for enterprise applications and database, become a provider of migration expertise with leading independent infrastructure resellers and solution integrators, build migration tools, custom applications and open source vertical packages, and support customers to deploy private cloud environments and convergence infrastructure.

Brad Porter, vice president – Marketing, Radiatus, says Porter Consultancy will share its expertise in marketing, training and communication services to high-tech companies. The company will also get to access experience in enterprise computer marketing and services experience, migration business, observes Al Morgan, vice president - Sales.

Mr. Porter says Radiatus will look for business across geographies in the enterprise migration area. It will focus particularly in North America and Europe, where after the economic slowdown, companies are planning upgrade software.

Mr. Morgan says there is so much up for grabs in the enterprise migration business, as corporations are looking to cut cost and improve efficiency. Open source solutions and back-up support, Radiatus will help the companies improve their bottom line.

ViSolve is also working in the healthcare sector in the U.S. where there is so much business opportunity.

Following the passage of a law in the U.S., all clinics are mandated to digitise the data at their disposal. With 2015 as the deadline and federal tax incentive in the offing, clinics are looking for ways to go about it and that is where the business opportunity is.

ViSolve-Radiatus will offer its expertise to those software companies that are developing applications for the clinics, build its own open source applications and also offer consultation. “There is so much money to be made.”

Mr. Porter complements: “There are 200,000 clinics that will have to digitise data and that's the business we are looking at.”

Sena, who has his roots in a village near Coimbatore, says the city has a good pool of talent, offers a better lifestyle compared to Bangalore, Hyderabad or other cities, and, above all, is known for innovation.

ViSolve joins hands with Porter Consultancy