Within a span of 20 days unscrupulous elements have again dumped industrial sludge in parts of the green-swathed Kadavur region in Karur district on Saturday, enraging farmers and public . What people demand is strict action as the area where the sludge is being dumped is an irrigation tank abutting ripe paddy fields .

In the third week of December last year, unidentified persons had dropped gunny bagsful of industrial sludge, probably from the tanneries in nearby Dindigul district, on the roadsides surreptitiously . Over the past two years sporadic dumping of sludge generated at the effluent treatment plants in Karur town, had become a common phenomenon . After a public outcry, the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board and the district administration moved the sludge to a nondescript location and disposed them off.

However, since January last year, some people have started dumping tannery waste from the neighbouring Dindigul district in plastic bags on the roadside along the stretch linking Palayam in Dindigul district with Vaiyyampatti in Tiruchi district bordering Karur district through Sembianatham, Moolapatti and Palaviduthi.

Irate public along with cadre from the Communist Party of India (Marxist), have threatened to intensify the struggle .

Now after a brief lull, more than 30 bags of sludge have again been dumped near the Amma Kulam tank in Athanur Panchayat in Kadavur . The dumping spot's proximity to drinking water lines pose a serious health risk . People also noted that the fertile fields that are close by with paddy crop in full bloom would be severely affected in case of rain, as the sludge would get diluted and flow into the field.

The poisonous chemicals could seriously compromise the health if the produce were to be consumed.

The CPI (M) has threatened to stage a road roko at Taragampatti on January 19 if the district administration and the TNPCB failed to address the issue.