A girl was waylaid and gang raped twice the same night by men posing as police here on Tuesday.

The 21-year-old survivor had come to Karaikal with her female friend on a two-wheeler on Tuesday evening to meet a common friend.

According to the FIR filed by the police, as the survivor’s friend got ill, the girls decided to stay back the night at the friend’s house. They were accompanied by two male friends. On the way, they were intercepted by one Nasser and two other men posing as police who followed them to the house.

At the house, the men insisted on taking the survivor to the police station to take a statement. The girl was instead taken to a room in a private building, where she was sexually assaulted by one of them. The girl managed to escape with her male friends who had come to rescue her. The group was again waylaid by Nasser and six of his friends. The girl’s male friends were physically assaulted and the girl was sexually assaulted.


12 held in gang rape case December 28, 2013