“We are living on an island cut off from the world,” says V Gunashekaran, a resident of Meenakshipuram, a village situated near the Sirumalai range, where electricity was introduced through solar panels on Wednesday.

His words best explain the villagers’ predicament. There is no direct road to the village which comes in Madurai district, and the only available route to Madurai is through Dindigul, which is 36 kilometre away.

A seven-km-long narrow path from the village leads to Thenkurinchi, which is the last village with a road on which buses and cars can ply.

“From there, we walk up the path which is full of boulders and stones to reach our village. Only small good carriers travel on this road,” says S Valarmathi, a resident of Meenakshipuram.

Mini-buses operate from Thenkurinchi to Dindigul.