A day after RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said rapes were prevalent in urban India, Vishwa Hindu Parishad advisor Ashok Singhal affirmed it saying all values had been lost in the cities because of people aping Western culture.

Talking to reporters here on Saturday, Mr. Singhal said, “Hindu culture and dharma have been enslaved and we have to fight more vigorously for cultural freedom than for political independence.”

“Purity, virginity and celibacy were well preserved [in pre-independent India], but these values have been totally disturbed by the Western model of our lives,” he said.

On live-in relationships, he said it was foreign and hostile to (Indian) culture which would destroy the institution of family.


Earlier in the day, a conference of Matapathipathis, Jeeyars and Sanyasins of the State passed a resolution against allocation of land near the Ram Janma Bhoomi site in Ayodhya for constructing a Masjid.

“We don’t want any disputes now. There should not be any new mosque in the cultural borders of Ayodhya,” Mr. Singhal told later at the conference.

In a veiled threat, the VHP leader said Muslims and Christians could live in peace and harmony, but if hostile to the Hindus, (they) should go finally and totally.