S.R. Ashok Kumar

CHENNAI: ‘Thoovanam’ is the debut film of directors Haricharan and Newton.

It is also the first film for heroine Nethra.

Ace cinematographer Madhu Ambat is also associated with the film.

Director Haricharan says the film is a simple story of two young people, who fall in love.

Their relationship has an impact on the lives of their family members and friends.

The film has all the ingredients of a love story, and is also filled with intrigue but there is no violence.

“We have deviated a lot from the usual commercial elements in Tamil cinema, but we have added some new ones,” says Haricharan.

Dialogues have been kept to the minimum.

The directors were initially apprehensive when the first copy was shown to censor board authorities, film personalities and a small audience.

But, the feedback turned out to be positive.

“We were happy to hear comments like ‘retro classic’ or ‘neat film’,” Haricharan says.

Aaditya is the hero of the film, while Sreeman and Banuchander perform guest roles.

National award winning cameraperson Madhu Ambat has said that the film is unique, and that it would certainly work with the audience.