Facilities such as boat jetty and children's park put up on the Silver Beach here for promoting tourism are in a pathetic condition.

Lakhs of rupees spent on these entertainment avenues have virtually gone down the drain. The jetty has been established at an ideal place close to the confluence point of the Uppanar (backwater) and the sea.

Remnants of the jetty are the disfigured and damaged wooden beams protruding from the waters. The convex plastic shed erected on the pathway to the jetty has vanished, thanks to vandalism.

The disappearance of the jetty disappoints tourists, who are otherwise on transit but are diverted from East Coast Road by a hoarding put up at the Woodlands Hotel road junction that claims in bold letters “Boat House 2 km.”

Fishermen too face inconvenience because the jetty served as a mooring point for their boats from which they could easily launch their fishing expedition. Now, they struggle to get into and disembark from their boats at this place.

The children's park is affected by adverse weather condition. During the 2004 tsunami, all playthings in the park such as swings, slide and seesaws were washed away. They were rebuilt later with lot of care and considerable expenditure.

But, these are being destroyed or removed for petty gains. Officials in charge of tourism promotion pay scant regard to the plight of the children's park that frequently gets inundated even after a brief spell of rain. Visitors attribute it to lack of drainage system, which planners failed to incorporate. Frequent water-logging in this enclosure has kept tourists, particularly children, away from the joy of enjoying the facilities. There is also a complaint regarding lack of cooperation from the locals in the maintenance of Silver Beach and its environs. through donation.