The Women's Front and the People's Movement for Liquor Eradication are jointly undertaking a signature campaign for implementing total prohibition of alcohol in the state.

Their volunteers have been conducting street plays in the district over the last few days, highlighting the ill effects of alcohol consumption.

The campaign in Karur district was launched at Sengal village on Tuesday and the entourage arrived in Karur town on Wednesday and performed at the Market area, Taluk Office area, Vengamedu, Nerur and Thalavapalayam. Earlier they had performed at Mettumardur and Parali villages near Krishnarayapuram.

The campaign would be undertaken up to December 3 when 10,000 signatures stressing prohibition would be obtained and forwarded to the State government for action, organisers said. The organisers were distributing pamphlets calling for a mass upsurge against liquor sale.