The Karur R.S. Post office is functioning in a rented premises in Rani Mangammal Street, Karur very near the Karur district court premises. It is one of the busiest post offices, dealing with almost all the postal transactions excepting delivery of mails. The building is stated to be over 50 years old and its condition is extremely unsatisfactory. The building is in a dilapidated condition with cracks. In case, there are torrential rains for a day or two in the rainy season, the building may collapse at any time.

Safety of lives at that point of time cannot be assured. Will the Post Master General of Tamil Nadu look into this and do the needful to shift the Post office to any one of the large number of vacant Railway quarters situated near by.

C.D. Subrahmanyan,


Follow a regular pattern for power cuts

The revised schedule of power cuts confuse the residents of Thanjavur. This caused much hardship to educational institutions and also the industries and business sector. If the situation persists, it may cause difficulties to festival shopping and the seasonal marketing.

So we humbly request the TNEB to look into this issue and follow a regular pattern of time to various areas. It should be informed properly to the consumers.

J.Rajesh Khanna,

Periyar Maniammai University, Vallam.

Why is this inequality?

We, in Thanjavur, face six-and-a-half hour power cut daily whereas in Chennai it is one hour. Why is this inequality? A 15-minute power consumption in Chennai will be equivalent to our six hour consumption. I do not recommend Chennai to have six hours cut but can’t there be a balance?

The per capita consumption of an urban consumer is far high compared to a rural consumer.

Now the energy-savers

[rural consumer] is much penalised than the urban consumer.

R. Ravi,


No ray of hope

The much awaited Sixth Pay Commission recommendations have come into effect and all Central government pensioners were paid their pension at new revised scales during the first week of this month. But it is learnt that due to some differences in the pay band of the two categories of armed force officers and their equivalent civilian officers, the implementation of the report is held up.

However, assurances were reportedly given by the government that armed forces persons would receive their new pay before Deepavali. But for armed forces pensioners there is not even a ray of hope of getting revised pension before Deepavali and they would feel lucky if they are paid even before the end of 2008.

R. Jambunathan,


Complete BG conversion soon

The people of Nagapattinam district suffer a lot due to the delay on the part of the Railways to complete the BG conversion works on the Tiruvarur – Nagore sector. It is very much regretted that the birth place of Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi has been completely neglected.

V. Dharamadoss,


Town bus service to Thuvakudi sought

More and more industrial units and fabrication units are emerging rapidly between Thanjavur and Thuvakudi. Already, universities and many colleges are functioning there. To cope with the increasing strength of commuters including the student community, town buses plying from Thanjavur to Vallam and Sengipatti may be extended up to Thuvakudi.

In Salem district, Attur has been connected with Salem Town by town bus service covering a distance of 51 km as well as Thammampatti with Thuraiyur, issuing two tickets.

Similarly, a town bus service from Thanjavur to Tiruchi via Thuvakudi will be very helpful to the regular commuters.

N. Natarajan,


Celebrate Deepavali with less noise

Deepavali is round the corner. People are on a spending spree, buying new clothes, sweets, crackers and what not to celebrate the auspicious occasion with all fun and fanfare. And the speciality is that people of all ages display their joy by bursting crackers of varied types and sounds.

In this, context, a word of caution becomes necessary. As sounds emanating from many crackers are deafening, reaching decibel levels far beyond the permissible limits of noise pollution, people would do well to prefer flowery and colourful items befitting the name of the festival to high sounding varieties.

This way, the aged, sick, children and students too will have a peaceful time during the gala celebrations.

Vengarai S. Raman,


Lower property tax revision rates

Pudukkottai Municipality has made an upward revision of property taxes from the financial year beginning from April. For residences the tax is raised to 20% and for commercial buildings the tax is increased to a whopping amount of 80%. Pudukkottai is proverbially a backward district. There are no industries worth their name. Agriculture is traditionally a gamble in monsoon. As a result of severe and prolonged power cuts the electric pump sets for agriculture could not be operated and therefore crops are withering. Every house owner has to deposit Rs.5000 to Rs.8000 for underground drainage project. The State government has waived Rs.51 crore of debts incurred by the municipality.

As such the municipality need not face a deficit budget. Under such circumstances the slapping of heavy taxes is an unbearable burden on the municipal residents and the municipal authorities therefore should come forward to bring down the tax rate for commercial buildings.

R. Ramaiah,


Maintain it clean and green

Adirampattinam Town Panchayat, being the largest in Thanjavur District, consists of twenty-one wards. Rain and sewage water stagnate everywhere in the streets. This leads to breeding of mosquitoes and other pests. The situation poses unhygienic condition in and around the residential areas of thickly-populated streets. The authorities may take urgent steps to repair and relay bad roads and maintain the town clean and green for the betterment of the public.

A.Haja Abdul Khader,