Staff Reporter

COIMBATORE: Udavum Karangal, a home that rehabilitates destitute children and adults, will soon come up with a home for the aged who have no one to care for.

There are so many aged people abandoned by their children who have nowhere to go, says R.Rajagopal, Governing Body Member of Udavum Karangal.

Most of these people are not taken back home after they are discharged from hospitals. They are ailing and weak and get no food let alone medicines, he adds. These people mostly end up in bus shelters and streets. Some even die there, Dr.Rajagopal laments.

The home aims to provide a decent shelter to these destitute and care for them in their last days. “Everyone deserves a decent death,” remarks Dr.Rajagopal.

The work for the home is likely to start in a month. The land has been identified at Myleripalayam. “It can accommodate about 30 people,” he says.