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Mythili can identify 150 personalities from India and all over the world

Little wonder:Two-year-old R. Mythili going through an album of personalities.— PHOTO: S.SIVA SARAVANAN
Little wonder:Two-year-old R. Mythili going through an album of personalities.— PHOTO: S.SIVA SARAVANAN

You might take some time to interpret what she says, but you will definitely be stumped as little Mythili identifies the faces of Neil Armstrong, Pratibha Patil and Kate Winslet. Two-year-old R. Mythili can identify 150 famous personalities from India and the world.

Certain syllables of the names like Barack Obama and Leander Peas may be undecipherable, typical to a two-year-old way of speech. But, Mythili from Vadavalli surprises everyone with her ability to remember the names and faces of politicians, scientists, sports persons, writers, film stars, musicians and world leaders.

It all started when Mythili showed interest in knowing the names of people whom she saw daily in newspapers and television. Mythili's mother M. Manonmani told her the names and she surprised her mother by recollecting those names whenever she came across those faces again.

Soon, the mother and the daughter got interested in their little game of identifying faces. Her mother prepared an album of personalities which they used for the game. Mythili considers it her property and does not let anyone take it from her.

As she goes through the pages one by one shouting aloud the names of people she recognises, Mythili gets distracted. Now, you might need some cajoling and tricks to make her go through the rest of the pages, after all, how long could a kid sit still in one place. She may not give the answers that easily as you will have to reward her with chocolates for right answers.

“She could remember clearly the names that we told her. We saw that other kids in the family who were older than her could not do it and that was when we realised that she has got a talent in identifying and recollecting images and names,” said Ms. Manonmani.

Her father K. Rajesh Kumar, grand mothers N. Bhanumathi and Shyamala Devi, are also her playmates in the game.




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