The Mahila Court here on Wednesday convicted a serial killer to undergo five life sentences to run consecutively for murdering five women in the district between April and June 2009.

Judge M. Pitchammal found R. Kuppusamy (36) of Konnaiyampatti near Ponnamaravathy guilty in each crime, one of which was a rape and murder. In all the five murders, Kuppusamy robbed the victims of jewellery after strangulating them to death. The first murder he committed was on April 9 at Therkku Thalampatti near Namanasamuthiram where the victim was a 19-year-old girl Anjalai. A month later, he murdered Chellammal (65) at Chathirapatti village near Viralimalai. The third was a rape and murder case of a 38-year-old woman Vallikannu reported at Kakkathikulam near Viralimalai in June first week. The same month he killed two more women – Thiruvayi (40) and Karupayi (70) at Puthambur village near Pudukottai and destroyed the evidence in one case.

The Judge also sentenced Kuppusamy to undergo 10 years of imprisonment each for committing robbery in every case.