Seventy-five-year-old Kuppusamy, a farmer residing at Thimmavaram in Kallakurichi block, murdered his seventy-year-old wife Pachaiyammal in rage by slashing her neck with a knife in the early hours of Monday.

On a complaint from K. Chinnasamy (36), a son of the accused, the police secured Kuppusamy and seized the blood- soaked knife. Marital discord is said to be the reason behind the murder. The police sources said that the couple had five sons and all of them got married and went away on their own. Hence, the couple was staying alone in the farm. But the farmer and his wife were not on good terms. On Sunday night there was a wordy quarrel between them following which Kuppusamy took out a knife and slashed his wife’s neck, killing her on the spot.

— Special Correspondent