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Tamil Nadu Environment Council urges State Government

KARUR: The Tamil Nadu Environment Council has urged the State Government to form a separate “Water and Water Resources Protection” ministry to safeguard water sources, harness optimum quantum, prevent the State from slipping into a water crisis and in particular to address floods and droughts.

Signature campaign

To highlight the demand, the Council has launched a signature campaign to mobilise support and forward the demand to the Chief Minister to constitute a separate Ministry for Water and Water Resources Protection at the State level, District Convener of the Council and Director of the Psycho Trust J. Christuraj has observed in a press release issued here recently.

Pointing out that the State constituted seven per cent of the Indian population while having just three per cent share of water resources.

Forest cover was just 17.7 per cent of the total land area including the hills and the extant of wasteland was increasing by the day.

Irreparable damage

Deforestation of mangroves, removal of sand dunes along the coast for tourism purposes, indiscriminate mining along seashores and in rivers for construction activities and such other factors were causing irreparable damage to the eco system.

Desperate water marketing by trans-national companies was also adding to the misery, Mr. Christuraj had added.

Less coordination

Pointing out that there was practically less coordination among the governmental agencies such as Public Works Department, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board, departments of Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries, Forests and Industries in planning for an economic and sustainable water use, the statement called for formation of a separate ministry for the purpose.