Special Correspondent

Commissioner issues orders based on `Q' Branch report

CHENNAI: Seven persons, including five Sri Lankan nationals, who were arrested recently in connection with the seizure of iron ball bearings, which were to be smuggled to Sri Lanka, have been detained under the National Security Act.

City Police Commissioner Letika Saran issued the detention orders based on a Q Branch report. They were served on the accused on Friday, a senior police officer said. Those detained are, Sivakaran, Selvasenthan, Satish, Karan and Bharatidasan, all Sri Lankan nationals, and Pirabakaran of Tuticorin and Giridhar of Rameswaram.

A Q Branch team, following sustained surveillance, had nabbed Sivakaran from the Naval Hospital Road junction at Periamet here along with seven others. A mini-van and a car containing two tonnes of iron ball bearings, which had been brought from Dadar, Mumbai, by road, were seized.

Sivakaran came to India as a refugee in 2000 and stayed at the Sri Lankan refugee camp at Mandapam. He left the camp in 2002.

Based on the information provided by Sivakaran, a search was conducted at the house of Pirabakaran on Emperor Street, Tuticorin.

It resulted in the seizure of three tonnes of iron ball bearings.