Government is neglecting the working class people: CFTUI

The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of India (CFTUI) opposes seizure of agricultural lands for Special Economic Zones, the displacement of farm workers, and also the Fisheries Regulation Bill and demands amendment on the bill, said its national president Trivedi Ambareesh. Mr.Ambareesh was here on Saturday to attend the Tamil Nadu State Committee meeting of CFTUI.

Talking toThe Hinduprior to the meeting, he said that in the name of globalization, the government was neglecting the working class people and giving importance to private sector, this is a precarious condition as the maximum workforce of the country belongs to the unorganised sector that needs purchasing power capacity and one cannot neglect them. He emphasised that the unions should be free from any political influence and also stressed the need for focusing on the welfare of the working class people as they are the backbone of economic growth.

Main objective

Speaking about the main objective behind this State committee meeting, he said that the focus is to work towards strengthening the free trade union movement in India, since most of the big workers federations in the country are either directly or indirectly attached to a political party and this has affected the trade union movement.

To reduce the multiplicity of unions in one industry and also to increase the bargaining power of the workers, trade union movements should be free from political influences, he opined.

Issues in State

In the case of Tamil Nadu we have very strongly undertaken the issue of problems of traditional fishing communities, addressing the regulations, evacuation of agricultural workers in the name of Special Economic Zones and the rights of the domestic workers.

During March, 2010 at the founding conference in Chennai, about 17 free trade unions of the unorganised sectors from across the State joined and now today in Madurai we have 20 free trade unions from seven districts of Madurai, Ramanathapuram, Sivaganga, Theni, Karur, Virudhunagar, and Dindigul joining CFTUI, he said.