29-member Mamallapuram town panchayat team in Nagercoil

A 29-member team headed by Mamallapuram (Kancheepuram district) town panchayat president S.Vasanth Rao held discussion with Collector Rajendra Ratnoo on Saturday in connection with implementing the ban on non-degradable waste within their town panchayat limit in the first phase.

The collector explained to them about success story on eradicating plastic menace in Kanyakumari district.

He told them that the ban on plastic materials was carried out in three phases in the district. In the first phase, various awareness camps were conducted involving school and college students, representatives of various civic bodies, government employees, representatives of self help groups and non-governmental organisations.

The awareness camps were conducted in nine panchayat unions, four municipalities including Nagercoil, Padmanabhapuram, Colachel and Kuzuthurai and Kanyakumari town panchayat.

In the second phase, people from all walks of life were asked to carry paper or cloth bags instead of plastic bags while they were going for shopping. Those who attended the camps were asked to take oath not to use plastic items. In the third phase, those who violated the ban were fined. The district administration has decided to declare Kanyakumari as garbage free district by 2011, said the Collector.

Earlier, the team members visited Kanyakumari and Myladi to undertake an on-the-spot study.