Prohibitory orders under Section 144 have been imposed in the district, where local body election are slated to be held on January 4.

According to a communication from Collector and District Election Officer, J.Ashok Kumar, carrying of weapons, wooden logs, fire arms, spears, swords, sticks, stones and brick bats during the election period is prohibited.

All the station house officers are directed to conduct detailed and individual review of arms licences and ensure that weapons are deposited at the nearest police station.

In the event of default in depositing the weapons, the SHOs are authorised to impound the weapons and submit a detailed report on such deposits and seizures.

However, this ban shall not be applicable to communities that are entitled to display weapons as part of custom and long-standing tradition and at nationalised and private banks, where arms are required for security reasons. However, individual exemptions shall be obtained on a case to case basis.

According to the communication, the State Election Commission has mandated the District Election Officer to make individual assessment and review of licensed arms holders and where necessary, impound the arms.