The Departments of Emergency Medicine and Neurology of Christian Medical College, Vellore, and Udhavum Ullangal, Vellore, will be organising a free screening and stroke awareness exhibition at CMC Hospital here on Saturday in connection with World Stroke Day.

According to a release from Sanjit Aaron, associate professor, Department of Neurology, CMC, and Suresh S. David, professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, CMC, stroke or ‘brain attack' can be of two types: 1) ischemic strokes where a blood tube to the brain gets blocked, and 2) haemorrhagic stroke, where a blood tube in the brain bursts. If the patient comes early to the hospital, ischemic strokes can be treated successfully by giving medicines to open up the blocked blood tube (thrombolytic therapy).

Successful treatment is possible if the patient is in the hospital within three hours of occurrence of stroke.

During the exhibition, people would be given information on various aspects of stroke - the risk factor modification, early symptoms of stroke, treatment options, stroke rehabilitation and secondary prevention.