All schools in Cuddalore district have been instructed to maintain proper records on their drivers. Even details of those engaged on a temporary basis should also be collected, said Superintendent of Police Ashwin Kotnis.

He was speaking at a press conference held here on Wednesday.

Mr. Kotnis said that school managements and the Revenue and Police officials had been sensitised to keeping a tab on drivers of educational institutions.

The institutions should employ only persons with 10 years of driving experience. Schools had been told to adhere to the passenger limit fixed by the Transport Department, he said.

Monitoring activities

Check-posts had been set up at 24 places to keep a tab on vehicular movement. The police were closely monitoring activities of persons with criminal records.

As regards security arrangements for the festive season, Mr. Kotnis said that watch towers had been erected at 18 commercial hubs to streamline crowd and regulate traffic. Security personnel equipped with binoculars were keeping a vigil on these towers.

The law enforcing personnel were also inspecting authorised explosive godowns and coming down heavily on those storing unauthorised explosives or were carrying on the trade on the sly.

Mr. Kotnis said that shops selling firecrackers should not be located in thickly populated areas.

The shops should have fire-fighting equipment at their disposal.

Those bursting crackers should do so only on open grounds. Elders should remain by the side of children while they handle fireworks, he said.

Any complaints regarding unauthorised cracker shops could be communicated over telephone numbers 04142—284345, 284350 and 284333, Mr. Kotnis said.

“Institutions should employ only persons with 10 years of driving experience”