Timely intervention by the Childline authorities saved a girl child from being pushed into forced marriage near here on Wednesday.

Sources said the Childline was tipped off that a class 9 student, aged about 15 and belonging to Manavasi Samathuvapuram in Karur district, was made ready for marriage. The ceremony was to take place at the groom’s place at Vadipatti village near Panjapatti, 35 km from here.

The informant revealed that the bride’s party was ready to leave their place and asked the authorities to rush to the rescue of the hapless girl.

Promptly, the Childline authorities told the All Woman Police Station here and along with a police party rushed to Manavasi. There they met the girl and her relatives, enquired with them only to find that the marriage was indeed slated to take place.

After preliminary investigation, they brought the girl and a couple of her relatives to Karur and interrogated them. The girl, whose father had died and was in the care of her mother, was then left in the custody of the Childline.