Schoolchildren in Tiruchi may have visited the temples here to experience the religious fervour and take in the architectural splendour. But this weekend, students will get a chance to look in Srirangam and Thiruvanaikovil temples through an artistic lens.

An initiative by the Tiruchirapalli City Corporation along with two organisations dedicated to art — Kalanjiyam Art Gallery, Thilllai Nagar, and Ainthinai, Tirunelveli, plans to motivate children to preserve ancient heritage structures by cultivating an appreciation for art and architecture.

Children would be taken around to observe sculptures and carvings in both temples to help them see them through an artistic perspective.

They would be trained to sketch on the spot under the guidance of Chennai-based artist Chanthuru.

Thennan Meimman from Thanjavur will enlighten students on various facets of temple architecture and Tiruchi-based photographer Thamizh Kuricil will demonstrate how to photograph temples.

The initiative will guide students in exploring the historical, cultural, and literary influences seen in the temple and learn the relevance of various art symbols, said Suresh, proprietor, Kalanjiyam. The best sketches will be displayed at an exhibition in the city.

Students will be trained by experts on July 27 at the Srirangam  Divisional Office between  9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Children in corporation schools will be participating in the training. Other students and schools who wish to participate can register with Kalanjiyam at 0431-4001790.There is no fees for participation and all sketching material will be provided by the organisers.