S. S. Kavitha

MADURAI: Making a newspaper is certainly a rewarding experience — collecting details, putting them together and giving it a shape. “When we had it in our hands at last, we were overjoyed,” said students of Rotary Laharry Matriculation Higher Secondary School in chorus.

The VII standard students had a memorable experience of making their own newspapers, ‘Reflections’ and ‘Young Showers’ as part of Newspaper in Education session on ‘My Classroom Newspaper.’

The ‘Reflections’ was a four-page handwritten newspaper made by nine girl students while ‘Young Showers’ was made by a 14-member team of boys. Both newspapers, dated March 20 and priced at Rs. 2, carried a variety of stories.

The ‘Reflections’ team provided space for Edmund Hillary; investiture ceremony; student achiever Madura Aditya A.N. Nath, who won innumerable prizes and shields; and the importance of library. The students also included facts about astronauts in the column, ‘Space Meals.’

“We used slogans with paintings such as ‘save water,’ ‘use cloth bags,’ ‘let not your tank overflow while filling it’ and ‘let your gifts to anybody be plants or saplings in the article,’” said U. Poornima Devi.

The ‘Young Shower’ had space for school history and various club functions, reports on art and craft, science and scientific facts and puzzles, and an article on how to put garbage to good use.

Vishnu S. Balaji and S. A. Satya Raghul said that they had divided the work of collecting, writing and editing news among themselves under the guidance of teachers.

To give it an authentic newspaper feel, students earmarked advertisement space and filled it with announcement on summer camps in the pipeline.