For 58-year-old U.K. citizen Keith Gordon, the visit to Coimbatore this time will remain quite an emotional one because he was pulled from the brink of death.

On a business trip, Mr. Gordon suffered a heart attack while staying in a hotel in the city on April 17. He informed the hotel staff, who, in turn, informed K.G. Hospital. Mr. Gordon fell unconscious in his room and was rushed to the hospital in its ambulance. Resuscitation efforts began in the hotel and continued in the ambulance.

An interventional cardiology team was mobilised and an angiogram was done to check for blocks in the heart's blood vessels.

The team consisted of M.J. Farook, P. Nithiyan, Pradeep Sony, Kavitha and Michael Joseph. One large block was detected and a stent put in the blocked area to restore blood flow.

Ready to go home

On Monday, the patient was ready to go home in the U.K. But, before leaving, he shared his experience of emergency treatment in Coimbatore with presspersons. The life-saving efforts were carried out with the speed at which tyres of cars were changed during a Formula 1 race, Mr. Gordon, director of a private company in the U.K., said.

He was here as part of a business collaboration with a private industry in the city.


Chairman of the hospital G. Bakthavathsalam said speed, expertise and technology held the key to saving people from death when they had a heart attack.

“We have modern and efficient system in Coimbatore. When I worked in the U.S. 35 years ago, I had wanted the modern system there to be replicated in Coimbatore,” he said. Dr. Bakthavathsalam pointed out that it was inappropriate to say treatment in India was “cheap”. It was affordable.


Dr. Farook said people should get a heart attack warning when they experienced pain in the chest or jaw, giddiness and unusually profuse sweating.

Mr. Gordon signed off saying: “A number of people in the hospital took care of my heart, but I had not.”