Railway platforms low

The height of the platforms in Tiruchi Town Railway station is too low and the height of the two island platforms at the station should be increased to a considerable level. As a result, passengers find it uncomfortable to board the trains.

K. Venkatesan,

Rockfort Agraharam.

The article “Srirangam's historic structures on the brink of collapse (April-15)” is timely. The rampant construction boom in the temple town is posing threat to its beauty and historic significance. The mushrooming of apartments in Srirangam is a definite cause for this degeneration. It is distressing to see mindless demolition of historic structures and unauthorised construction at several places. Flat promoters are persistently on the lookout for sites even in bylanes. A small island like Srirangam cannot withstand such a construction boom. It is time authorities took a strong stand against unauthorised and illegal construction besides putting a firm full stop to any new flat promotion venture by the realtors.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,


Ensure comfort at schools

Some educational institutions in the city use asbestos sheets as shelters and steel benches within the premises. Students bear the brunt of the heat and suffer from summer-relate diseases. Authorities from the education department should visit all schools and ensure a comfortable studying atmosphere for the children.


Palakkarai Main Road.

Delay in despatching RC books

When new vehicles are purchased, RC books reach the vehicle owners only after 10 to 15 days, causing much hardship. While new drivers may put off taking the vehicle during the interim period, it is difficult for those who are completely dependant on vehicles not to use their vehicles. Without registration number, if the vehicle is driven, the risks of being caught by the police are more. To overcome this issue, an SMS can be sent to the vehicle purchasers immediately on registration from the RTO office. This can be shown to the police, when asked for as being done in case of IRCTC tickets.

M. Gopalakrishnan,

Thillai Nagar.

Traffic regulation

The construction of bridge in Ariyamangalam and Tiruverumbur will take another three to four months. The public are facing difficulties while crossing the bridges, which takes more than half an hour during peak hours. Traffic should either be regulated or the road shouls be made as a ‘one way'.



Food quality at hostels

The steps initiated by the district administration for improving the quality of noon meals under the scheme are mouth-watering. The Collector, similarly, should turn her attention towards hostels run by Backward Class and Adi Dravidar Welfare Department, where the quality of food served to the inmates is very poor. The food served to the patients at the government headquarters hospital is not of good quality.



Implementation of RTE Act in private schools

The Supreme Court has upheld the constitutional validity of Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009, which provides for free and compulsory education to children between 6 and 14 years. Private schools are also required to set aside 25 per cent seat for the poor children. Though the government may compensate private schools for the arrangement, how far it will live up to the expectations of the schools is not known.

Private schools even after collecting admission fees, special, tuition, and miscellaneous fees, promptly collect charges for annual day function, school belt, and identity card and ask the parents to buy all type of charts. Can we expect such schools to reserve 25 per cent seats for the poor students?P. K. Raman,

Ayyappa Nagar.

Plea for vestibule bus services to Thuvakudi

Though there are an adequate number of city buses plying to Thuvakudi from Chathiram bus stand, there are no vestibule buses on the route. There is a vestibule service to Thuvakudi from Central Bus Stand. Public would stand to gain a lot if vestibule bus services are introduced to Thuvakudi from Chathiram bus stand.

S. Rajagopal,

Chinnakkadai street.

Content of TV serials

Discipline among young school students is a hard thing to come by these days. Nowadays, most of the educational institutions are not able to establish a congenial relationship between students and teachers.

The root cause for this changing educational scenario is serials played on televisions. The censor board should look into the content of these serials that showcase immoral behaviour, spoiling the minds of the younger generation.

R. Palanivelu,

Pudukottai Road.

Damaged electrical lamp posts

Most of the electrical lamp posts in the city are in a damaged condition and the people at the helm of affairs at TANGEDCO have turned a blind eye to this issue. Many electrical posts on thoroughfares warrant replacement, as they pose a big threat to public.

Even specific complaints are not being looked into by the officials. The residents of the Vignesh Nagar, Kattur, preferred a complaint to AEE, TANGEDCO, Kattur for shifting a damaged lamp post, which has been erected in a narrow lane. The TANGEDCO officials replaced the lamp post without shifting its location. The threat persists.

H. Ghouse Baig,

Crawford Colony.

Maintain pavements

Pedestrians' platforms at Main Guard Gate are not being properly maintained. The cement slabs on the platforms near the arch gate are broken, posing threat to pedestrians, particularly senior citizens, women and children. The situation turns worse during power cuts at the night hours.

Janakimaindan S. Raj,

Chinnakkadai street.

Hike in electricity tariff

The recent hike in electricity charges for usage of over 500 units for domestic consumers is quite exorbitant for bi-monthly billing. An average upper middle class family may definitely consume at least 10 units/day living in 800 sq.ft house using day-to-day gadgets such as television, refrigerator, grinder, mixers, computer.

The hike in electricity charges apart from milk, bus fare, has made it a tough call for many. People belonging to different enterprises such as textile merchants, shopping malls and others, may be imposed restriction on consumption instead of charging them higher rates . The Electricity Board can save electricity by using methods such as solar/wind energy, cost-effective CFL lights, instead of penalising consumers. I request consumer forums and other voluntary organisations to urge the government to resume monthly billing.B. Shyamala,

Kurunji Nagar.

Curtains in AC coaches

In AC 2 tier and 3 tier compartments in trains, a curtain is provided to ensure privacy of passengers using berths.

In AC 2 tier, this proves useful. With regard to 3 tier AC coaches, the provision of this curtain causes difficulty for the passengers who are allotted upper berths. The middle berth occupants somehow manage to take their berths. The curtain is hung on a small pipe below the roof of the coach, thus limiting the already reduced space available. The upper berth occupants find it difficult to climb to the upper berth as there is very little space to manoeuvre entry into the upper berth. The plight of aged passengers and women is awful. Further, the linen uses for the curtain is also not clean, often emanating foul smell. The curtain facility in 3 tier AC coaches should be dispensed with.

B. Kanagasabapathy,

Bharathidasan Salai.

Troublesome 'manja' kites

Use of ‘manja' is no substitute for and original kite. When ‘manja' is applied to the string of kites it has dangerous consequences. Youngsters should desist from using ‘manja' while flying kites, as it is subject to punishment.

K. Aravind,


Re-lay road

The road near the Thuraiyur bus stand is in a bad condition. Driving on this road, particularly during the night hours is a difficult task. I request the Thuraiyur Municipality to re-lay the road immediately.

J. V. Vijayakumar,


Service lane debate

Negotiating the Thuvakudi-Palpannai stretch is a nightmare. The move to have service roads on either side is lauded by all road users.

Acquisition of land for development purposes may ultimately bring benefits to society but it is disruptive to people whose land is acquired. It displaces families from their homes, and businesses from their neighbourhoods and at times their means of livelihood. The emotional damage can hardly be compensated. A feasibility study and consultation from all segments and experts is sine qua non to explore for a viable alternate back road.

K. Suresh Babu,

Raja Colony.

No water in coach

During my travel to Chennai last month by the Mangalore Express, there was no water at the toilet or washbasin at the S1 coach. Even after complaining to the TTE, no attempt was made to fill water at the station. Of late, maintenance of coaches in trains is horrible. There should be a system to establish accountability on the part of Southern Railway, in this issue. Just publishing emails, phone numbers, and SMS complaint system without initiating any action will gain the displeasure of the public.



Familiarise people with jute, cloth bags

Shopping malls were giving plastic bags free of cost for carrying items purchased. Due to the ban on use of plastics, customers are expected to bring bags while shopping. Alternatively, if a customer needs a plastic bag, they charge Rs.2 to 5 per bag depending on its size . Many shoppers invariably come without a bag and do not pay the extra money for the plastic bag. Hence the object of inducing customers to avoid plastic is not fulfilled.

Also vegetables and rice purchased from malls are packed separately, item wise and price tag is fixed on each packet for payment at counter. Most of the items sold in the malls are packed in plastic bags and kept in racks for customers. This shows that the consumption of plastic cannot be brought down merely by charging customers. If the government is really interested in abolishing plastic bags, jute or cloth bags can be made available at a low price.

Kanagaraj Arthur,

Ramalinga Nagar South Extension.

Bus fare

Of late, many moffusil buses plying between Tiruchi and Thanjavur/Madurai/Salem have been running as express service overnight with a sticker ‘Express' affixed in front. Passengers are forced to pay express bus fare for a rickety travel in buses that were collecting only ordinary bus fares till now. Already burdened with a steep bus fare hike, this proves to be a double whammy for hapless commuters. I appeal to transport corporations to put an end to this unfair practice.

A.V. Narayanan,

Thillai Nagar.

Encroachments bother vehicle users

Traffic woes of road users of Vayalur road are plenty. The already narrow road is plagued by discriminate encroachments at three points at least on the road, especially from the Uyyakondan bridge to the four-road junction. At Geetha Nagar, it is common to spot waiting construction labourers swelling into the middle of the road thus totally obstructing traffic. The bus stops on opposite directions at this point is ill-planned and can easily be shifted a few metres away where there is plenty of space which is occupied by mini lorries. The labourers should be advised to wait at the banks of the canal nearby where there is enough space. The second bottleneck is at the popular vegetable shop near Kumaran Nagar which has no parking area of its own. The police always turn a blind eye in this case, and do not urge vehicles to park away from the point . The third major hurdle is at the four- road junction. Here, the iron barricade placed by the police is an unwise idea, which hinders traffic flow towards the government hospital. Autos parked at the area and heaps of sand and gravel dumped at the point makes the stretch a narrow one. The eating joint at this point, where two wheeler riders have to wait for their turn to cross during red signal, proves to be an inconvenience. The heat from the open oven is irritating vehicle users.Dr. V. Raghuraman,

Rettai Vaikal.

Cheerleaders at IPL matches

Traditional dancers can be given an opportunity at the IPL matches to showcase their talents. Dancers from specific states can prove their footwork instead of cheerleaders thereby declaring to the world the diverse cultures of India. The move would also pay homage to dancers of traditional art forms who are economically poor. It is laudable that cheerleaders of Pune Warriors are traditional artistes. It would be impressive if all other teams followed this move.S.Niranjani