Staff Reporter

PONDICHERRY: At the southern end of the beach road in Pondicherry is a quaint old white bungalow with wooden gates. The huge building was the home of a Eau de Cologne maker. When he left for France he donated the place for spreading culture. And, on every second Saturday the building fulfils its purpose at the Maison Colombani, which belongs to the Alliance Francaise. It spreads the culture of music.

From 6 p.m. onwards for four hours you can listen to rock `n' roll, rap, reggae, raga, rhythm and blues, ragtime, retro, Rachmaninof and Romanov music. This time, the organisers will be presenting Blood & Iron, a group from Chennai, playing their own contemporary music, which is kind of metallic and hard.

Also playing will be a jazz trio featuring Matt Littlewood on the sax, Mishko M'ba on the bass and Suresh Bascara on the drums.

Yougal Basnet from Darjeeling, of the band Rusty Nails, an associate of Cadenza, the jazz rock outfit rocking the Jazzmandu festival, will also be performing. Yougal does covers of Satriani and wowed audiences at the Sunday Jam at Chowdiah Hall in Bangalore.