water supply

At present, drinking water supply to residents in Tuticorin municipal area has been quite satisfactory, as water is supplied on alternate days. But I am afraid that officials are adopting this method, keeping in mind the local body elections.

The present approach should be maintained and in any case the old system of supplying water once in four or five days should not be practised after the municipal elections are over.

Sivanthai M. Murugan,


Science Clubs

To promote scientific interest and develop an aptitude for research and development among students, the Vigyan Prasar under the Union Ministry of Science and Technology has so for floated 7,000 Science Clubs in 27 States.

Of them, 2000 and odd are in Madhya Pradesh and 1,000 in Bihar.

The present day teachers are able to produce software engineers and information technology professionals but not Nobel Prize winners or aspirants in the country.

What is missing is creative thinking. Will the Government pass an order to organise science clubs in schools and colleges not only in urban areas but also in rural areas?

N. Venkatalakshmi,


Eye donation

Students of E.M.G. Yadava Women's College in Madurai pledged their eyes for donation recently. I am proud of them. Though young, they have set an example to elders by their good deed. Their social responsibility and love for the mankind are appreciable.

Representatives of eye banks can conduct seminars and campaigns periodically, so that the public can get their doubts cleared pertaining to eye donation.

Lilly Ramadurai,


Damaged roof

The outer corridor roof of the Subramaniyaswamy Temple at Tiruchendur facing the eastern side is dilapidated. Cracks have developed throughout the ceiling and rusted iron bars are protruding. Some of the portions of the ceiling have already caved in. Will the temple administration do something?

K.K. Krishnamurthy,