The Madras High Court on Thursday issued notice on two applications in suits relating to MT Pratibha Warna .

The ship, a sister vessel of the stranded MT Pratibha Cauvery , is under arrest since October 25 following an application filed by a firm that supplied equipment to the ship’s owners.

Justice Vinod Kumar Sharma ordered notice based on civil suits filed by crew members and another supplier Ark Marine Service Inc., Japan. In their plea, Captain Ajay Thiruvengadam and 23 others, who are on board the tanker, said Pratibha Shipping Company Ltd., the owner of the ship committed breach of contract by not paying them on time. Some of the crew had not received payment for more than five months.

The applicants sent several reminders to the owners. However, the owner paid only paltry sums. The sailors also said the owners did not maintain the ship and its crew. The provisions available on board would last only a couple of days. They requested the court to declare and determine the sum due to them at Rs. 1. 53 crore calculated up to October 31 and direct the owners to pay future wages till their date of signing off.

By another application filed through counsel Abdul Quddhose, Ark Marine Service Inc., Japan, said the owner of the ship had not paid for the spare parts supplied by the former. A sum of Rs. 89.38 lakh is due and the company prayed the court for a decree against the ship owner for the amount and the interest.

The ship owners have not defended themselves so far.

MT Pratibha Warna

has been under arrest since October 25