The death of a 17-year-old school boy in a road accident near TVS Bus Stop on Omalur Main Road on Monday has raised concern about the safety of road users in the city apart from bringing to light cases of minors driving two-wheelers.

As residential areas have mushroomed in the city, the inflow of traffic has increased tremendously not only at important junctions but also in sub-roads connecting the residential areas with main roads.

The TVS Bus Stop junction is a point where vehicles from Peramanur road, Angammal Colony and Saminathapuram move to Omalur Main Road. Vehicles take U-turns, keeping the point busy through out the day.

But absence of traffic signals or police personnel to regulate traffic turns the point chaotic with the worst suffers being two-wheeler riders and pedestrians. Presence of bus stops on both sides of the road disrupts the free flow of traffic causing inconvenience to road users.

But road users point out that installation of traffic signal would not solve the problem; instead it would cause congestion in the area. Ravi, a college student, said that encroachments should be removed and vehicle parking should be disallowed in the area so that buses could stop there.

“This would help the traffic police personnel to ensure free flow of traffic,” he added.

“With increasing traffic, accident-prone areas and congested points should be studied and effective traffic management system should be in place,” said a motorist.