For scores of people, who throng the Regional Transport Offices, watching a video-show would be the last thing on their mind. But, a video-show at the RTO in Tiruchi, put in connection with the Road Safety Week, has proved to be a good draw.

Though road safety _ the subject of the video show _ is not a very alluring theme, the waiting hall where the video show was on was packed to capacity on Tuesday.

The transport authorities, who organise a series of awareness programmes during the week long safety observation, feel that the video show was by far the best way to catch the attention of people. Sermons and lectures are passé; you have to catch the attention of the people through the visual media.

Usually people while away their time standing outside the office, until they are through with their work.

Now, many prefer to spend the time watching the show, says a Motor Vehicle Inspector.

A thoughtful move indeed, if, only it could help drill some road sense into `daredevil' motorists.

From S. Ganesan in Tiruchi