: The Government has allocated Rs.24 crores to carry out maintenance as well as relaying of 19 roads in different parts of the district, according to the Assistant Divisional Engineer (Highways), Helen Jennet, who participated the district panchayat meeting.

The councillors who attended the meeting here on Thursday complained about the sorry state of Aralvoimozhi-Nedumancadu road, Kuzuthurai-Alancholai road, Kottar-Manakudi road, Eraniel-Muttom road, Chithrancode-Mukkuttukkal road, Kaliyal-Netta road, Karunkal-Thikkanamcode road, Monday Market-Pudukkadai road and Palur-Thengapattinam road. To this the official said that all the roads would be re-laid.

The Deputy Director for Health, M. Madushoodanan, said that steps had already been taken to contain dengue menace in the district.

As per the recent survey taken by the department of health, the larvae responsible for the spread of dengue fever had been reduced from 30 to 40 per cent to 10 to 12 percent, thanks to the efforts made by the Department of Health in co-operation with local bodies.

The councillors asked the officials of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board to prevent the dumping of poultry as well as slaughter house wastes from Kerala into Tamil Nadu.

To this the officials said that the board in co-operation with the local bodies was trying to ensure the environment free from any kind of pollution. Steps would be initiated to take action against the people from Kerala who threw the wastes into the district.

The Chairperson of district panchayat, Saradamoni, Vice-President, Chella Swamy, and other councillors as well as officials of various departments attended the meeting.