The five newly-added wards of the municipality will get more civic amenities, including underground drainage system, and improved drinking water supply in the next financial year , said S.A. Sait, chairman (in-charge), Pudukottai Municipality.

While the proposed expenditure for the year 2013-14 is Rs. 21.21 crore, the revenue stands at Rs. 19.33 crore leaving a deficit of Rs. 1.88 crore.

The wards 1, 2, 3, 41, and 42 spread over an area of nine square km accounted for a population of about 26,000. The municipality has drawn up a Rs. 56.18-crore proposal to provide basic amenities, including underground drainage facility at an outlay of Rs. 48.64 crore, drinking water augmentation at Rs. 1.65 crore, and solid waste management at Rs. 3.25 crore.

Explaining the need for augmenting water supply under the ‘Integrated Cauvery Drinking Water Scheme,’ the chairman said that the pumping station at Jeeyapuram near Tiruchi would be modernised with new and high-capacity generators and other equipment at an outlay of Rs. 5.23 crore. The per capita supply would be enhanced once the station was modernised, he said.

The municipality would replace tube lights in street poles with about 5,696 LED lamps to save energy . Tender had already been called for the proposal.

To mark the centenary celebrations of the municipality, ornamental high mast lamps would be set up at select places in the town.

The total expenditure for providing street lights and ornamental lamps would be Rs. 2.43 crore, Mr. Sait said.