“Station masters need not have to show signals manually”

The Southern Railway has allotted Rs. 4.50 crore for the installation of an automatic signal centre at Kanyakumari, according to S. Manohar, Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer, Southern Railway, Chennai.. According to him, as part of an expansion programme, the Government has allotted Rs. 4.50 crore for the commissioning of the automatic signal centre. The procedure is that the station master should show the signal for the departure and the arrival of trains from various destinations to Kanyakumari manually.

Now, it was not needed with the commissioning of automatic signal centre. Various works such as extension of platforms and other infrastructure works for the benefit of passengers were going on with the allotment of adequate funds from the Central Government. The passengers who were coming from different parts of the country were dropped at Kanyakumari and the train returned to Nagercoil for cleaning, filling up of water and other maintenance work. Similarly the trains proceeded to Kanyakumari to pick up the passengers in the evening. Moreover such automatic signal centres would be laid up in Aralvoimozhi, Nanguneri and Valliyur and it would be operational during March, 2012. The station masters here need not show the signal manually. Their work load would also be reduced and this would help in reducing accidents considerably.

The electrification work between Kanyakumari and Thiruvananthapuram was going on in full swing and it would be made operational by March end, said Mr. Manohar.