Unaccounted cash of Rs. 43 lakh was seized from a person near Attur here on Friday.

A flying squad led by Special Tahsildar for Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Rajesh Kumar was involved in vehicle check at Manjini village in Attur and intercepted a car.

They found Benny (39), of Kerala, in possession of the money. He explained that the money was to be handed over to a private herbal company in the village that supplies raw materials to them. The company in turn would disburse the cash to the farmers, who supply the materials. He also produced bank statement for the amount withdrawn and also the list of farmers to whom the amount need to be paid. Since no documentary proof of the source of money in the bank was produced, it was seized and deposited in the treasury.

D. Jayaram, Revenue Divisional Officer, Attur said that the Income Tax department was informed and if valid documents were produced, the money would be released. G. Palanivel (50) of the company also accompanied Benny in the car.