Outlay is higher by Rs 357 crore than previous year's allocation

At the bankers' meeting held here on Monday, Collector C.T.Manimekalai released the Rs 2,088-crore Annual Credit Plan (ACP) for the Villupuram district for the financial year 2011-2012.

A copy of the ACP was received by A.Gnanavel, Assistant General Manager of Reserve Bank of India. The size of the outlay is higher by Rs 357 crore than the previous year's allocation.

Ms. Manimekalai voiced concern over the lack of financial discipline among the self-help groups as certain groups were not promptly repaying the bank loans.

While in other districts the repayment stood at 80-90 per cent the SHGs in Villupuram district lagged far behind in this aspect. The Collector called upon the banks to display the list of the defaulting SHGs in their respective branches. She warned that the profligate SHGs would be legally proceeded against.

The Collector also lashed against those non-governmental organisations that were too keen on raising the SHGs to achieve the target and to ramp up the statistics.

The NGOs who acted as mediators in obtaining bank loans should also ensure that the right SHGs benefited and the repayment schedule scrupulously followed.

Ms Manimekalai further stated that the banks could dip into the funds of ACP to finance various projects related to horticulture, drip irrigation, dairy farming, procurement of farm implements and also for disbursement of jewel loans to the farmers.

Since, Villupuram was a large district the number of people seeking loans would also be high.

It was understandable that the work load of the bankers was increasing and yet they must ensure that the government schemes were accorded priority.

Sluggish in achieving target

She noted that certain banks were sluggish in achieving the target and also in sending the compliance report to the Lead Bank. She urged those banks to send monthly report to the Lead Bank so as to keep a tab on their performance.

Fixing the deadline, Ms Manimekalai said that all the banks should honour their loan commitments to the women groups for the current financial year by November-end. This could be better accomplished by activating the local branches, she said.

The Collector pointed out that certain banks were yet to start the financial inclusion services in the villages with 2,000-population as was expected of them. They should either start the services or open new branches in those un-served areas.

In view of the good monsoon the banks should adequately support the farmers to take up cultivation in full swing, she added.

Santha, Assistant General Manager, Indian Bank Puducherry Region, Vikram, AGM, NABARD, and Project Officer (DRDA) Padmavathi participated.

  • Collector expresses concern over lack of financial discipline among the self-help groups
  • “In view of good monsoon, banks should support farmers to take up cultivation in full swing”