Rs. 15 lakh in cash was stolen from an electrical appliances store in Mahalakshmi Nagar near Tambaram.

The crime came to light when employees opened the store on Saturday morning.

P. Saravanan, Deputy Commissioner of Police, St. Thomas Mount, said the grille gate and wooden door at the rear entrance of the store were broken open. 

The cash was kept in the draw of a wooden table and the room had not been locked.

Robbers had easy access inside the store and had no trouble in opening the flimsy draw of the wooden table where the cash had been placed. 

Mr. Saravanan said that the store had a closed circuit television (CCTV) camera system in place.

However, it was the practice to switch off the cameras while closing the shop every day. The store — Vairam Electricals — does not accept payments by card and is popular among residents. Hence, huge amounts of money come in every day.  

The Rs. 15 lakh that was stolen was the money received during three days.

There was a night watchman on duty, but he did not detect any suspicious movement inside the store.

Apart from Selaiyur police, the special crime team of the district is also working on the case.

Appeal to shop owners

Mr. Saravanan re-iterated the importance of having a fool-proof CCTV system in place and appealed to commercial establishments, especially those leaving huge sums of money or storing expensive goods, to leave them on throughout the night.

CCTV cameras had been switched off when the shop was closed for the day