The City Police on Friday arrested half a dozen rowdy elements who were involved in various crimes. On the direction of E. Ma. Masanamuthu, City Police Commissioner, the police arrested rowdies Muruganandam, Kamaraj alias Samsa Kamaraj; Kasi alias Marudakasi; Anand alias Chinna Anand; Jay alias Jaykumar; and Karthik.

They were remanded to custody. The police also registered cases against 10 other anti-social elements.

The police conducted vehicle check today in various parts of the city and booked nine persons for drunken driving; 53 persons for riding two-wheelers without helmets and 443 persons for other road rule violations.

A total fine of Rs.50,450 was collected from them. Deputy Commissioners of Police, S.Jayapandian(Law and Order) and S.Ramaiyan(Crime and Traffic) supervised the drive, a release said.