The subject of robotics could lead students to an exciting and fulfilling career.

Building robots involves the development of a wide range of skills, including creative thinking, design, mechanics, electronics and programming, all of which are highly valued in industry, said Sudhanshu Kumar Yadav, a robotic engineer.

Mr. Yadav of Robosapiens Technologies Private Limited, along with his colleague Nitish Bharadwaj were the resource persons who conducted a two-day national-level workshop on e-robotics at the Global Institute of Engineering and Technology (GIT) in Melvisharam. The workshop was organised in association with Tryst, IIT-Delhi.

Over 250 students

More than 250 students from various colleges in and around Vellore and Chennai participated.

The institute was one of the 10 technical institutions selected for conducting the workshop in the country.

Right from Issac Asimov who envisioned robots to the futuristic approach on robots, everything pertaining to robotics was dealt with in detail at the workshop.

Mr. Yadav said the fist prototype industrial robot called Unimate (designed by George Devol and Joseph Engelberger) was sold to General Motors in 1959.

The 1960s and 1970s saw a revolution in manufacturing as robots replaced humans for many repetitive and monotonous jobs. The only disadvantage of robots is the risk of unemployment, he said. The practical use of electronics in robotics was demonstrated with models on the first day. Key programming concepts of robotics was the agenda of the second day.

A competition on building a robot was conducted.

Students who got selected were invited to participate in a national level competition, ‘Robotryst-13’ at New Delhi.