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They will be laid in 26 panchayats, says Dindigul Collector

DINDIGUL: Several remote villages in the district would be connected by road under Bharat Nirman Upgradation Phase-I programme at an estimated cost of Rs.10.32 crore. About 52.90 kilometre-long new roads would be laid to cover 26 panchayats, said Collector R. Vasuki.

Talking to reporters here on Friday, she said that top priority had been given for development of rural roads. Such development works would not only improve transport facilities to towns from villages but also help farmers bring their agriculture produce to the market.

Villages were identified in 10 of the 14 unions in the district on the basis of long-felt needs. Top priority had been given to Gujiliamparai union, one of the under-developed and drought-prone areas in the district. Roads would be laid in eight panchayats in this union, the highest in the district. Thoppampatti union came next where roads would be laid in five villages. Natham union would have roads in four panchayats, Batlagundu union would get roads in three panchyats, Reddiyarchatram two roads, and Palani, Vadamadurai, Vedasandur and Athoor unions one each.

Roads to be laid

Some of the important roads to be laid were: Sappalnaickenpatti - Neikarappatti road at Akkaraipatti panchayat (3.6 km); Alangiam - Andinaicken Valasu road at Rajampatti panchayat (2.4 km); Melkaraipatti-Athivalasu road connecting Rajampatti valasu road in Melkaripatti panchayat (2.8 km); Thethanayakkanpatti - Ponthupuli road at Kavalapatti panchayat (4 km); R.Vellode - Aravankurichi road; Pallanatham - Athukaranpatty road at Malappuram panchayat; and Akkaraipatti - Kombai road in Paraipatti panchayat (4.40 km).