In Kovilpatti panchayat

Kovilpatti panchayat in Andipatti union in the district has found a new and a safe way of disposing plastic waste. It has started laying a rural road using plastic wastes generated within the village.

The State Government has granted Rs.10 lakh to lay a 3.75-metre wide and 580-metre long road connecting Karutupatti and Kamatchi Thevanpatti for trial purpose.

Kickstarting the work at the village here on Tuesday, Collector K.S. Palanisamy said that around 9,150 kg of tar was required to lay a one-km long road. “When we blend 732 kg of plastics, the quantum of tar used for laying the road will scale down to 8,418 kg. Cost of one kg plastic was Rs.30. Use of plastic for laying road will save at least Rs.10,000 to the panchayat. Blending of tar and plastic has increased the strength of the road manifold. Plastics blended with tar will act as a shield to the road preventing damage owing to rain water,” he said.

Above all, it will be an easy and a safe way of disposing the plastic wastes generated in large scale at villages and also in urban areas. This road can be laid in a short time. The new model has saved time and money, he pointed out.

The district administration is determined to lay at least one-km-long road in all the eight panchayat unions this year. On successful implementation of this trial project, Kovilpatti model will be replicated in other panchayats. The District Rural Development Agency has undertaken this project. The DRDA Project Director, Tharmasivam, and other development officials accompanied the Collector.