The road stretch from Sekar Emporium (Liberty) up to Subhiksha is in bad condition. It has always been a busy road. Whenever marriages are conducted at the Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam, the road is occupied by cars, leading to traffic snarls.

I request the authorities to take immediate action and re-lay the road. It has not been re-laid for almost two years.

R. Venkatesan,


Bus service needed

There is no bus service from St. Thomas Mount railway station to Brindavan Nagar, Mahalakshmi Nagar, Balaji Nagar, Puzhithivakkam, Madipakkam. Residents of these areas are finding it very difficult to commute. There is no share-autorickshaw service from St. Thomas station to these areas either.

The authorities are requested to introduce a circular bus service from St. Thomas Mount station to Madipakkam (via) NGO Colony, Brindavan Nagar, Balaji Nagar, Puzhuthivakkam bus stand and Madipakkam, one from Mount station (via) Ullagaram, Madipakkam, Puzhuthivakkam, Mahalakshmi Nagar, NGO Colony and St. Thomas station (reverse direction).

Shanmuga Subramanian


Streetlights not functioning

Residents of Jaganathan Street, Madipakkam, are suffering because streetlights in our area are not functioning. The area plunges into darkness after 7 p.m. every day. Senior citizens find it too difficult to walk on the roads after sunset. The issue was taken up several times with the local body but no action was taken. The lights keep flickering, adding to the discomfort of the residents. Antisocial elements may exploit this situation to commit crimes. I request the authorities concerned to immediately replace the lights and ensure trouble-free operation of the streetlights.

V. Kumaresan


Sewage flows into stormwater drains

Huge quantity of sewage flows into stormwater drains along NGO Colony Main Road, Vadapalani, emanating foul smell, much to the discomfort of residents. The stormwater drains are meant only for rainwater. The Corporation should look into the problem and put an end to this menace at the earliest and also replace the damaged slabs.



CGHS medical reimbursement

The CGHS Dispensary at Avadi did not supply medicines to pensioners during September-October last year. It told them to purchase the medicines and submit a reimbursement claim. As per CGHS instructions, medical claims submitted by the pensioners in September-October 2008 have not been reimbursed, even after nine months. The pensioners may be in need of the funds and I request the Health Ministry to issue instruction to CGHS headquarters, Shastri Bhawan, Chennai, to arrange for an early reimbursement.

G. Venkatesh,

Kamraj Nagar

Broadway bus stand

There is a platform for passengers at the bus stand behind Kuralagam. Buses coming here halt facing the bay. For certain buses, the platform is on the left side (conductor’s wing) and for others, on the right (driver’s wing). In the first case, it is easy for people to get into the bus through the exit way. But, it is an ordeal to climb the platform, which is at an inconvenient height from ground-level. Either the platform height should be reduced or a step constructed.

S.V.S. Iyer,


Pensioners’ woes

I am a pensioner aged 72 years. I deposited my pension benefits and savings in three benefit fund companies - RBF, ABF and PBF. The companies were closed in 1999 and about a million depositors are still waiting in expectation that their money would someday be returned.

It’s an irony that governments spending huge sums on various schemes but do not take much interest in bringing an end to the misery of people like us.

P. J. Thomas,


Delay in settlement

It is very unfortunate that pensioners of Electricity Board, who retired long ago and are aged over 80, have not been paid their dues arising out of G.O No.579 dated 15th September 2006 . Many of them are being treated in a very shabby manner and it appears as if their legal heirs would also not receive the dues.

Pension is a statutory payment and the arrears due should be paid to the Board pensioners as in the ease of government pensioners.

In this connection, it may be pointed out that old claims of pensioners and payment of arrears on orders of the Board in (per) BP (F.B) No.2 dated 1-2-2008 pending payment for more than a year will not attract the model code of conduct.

The Board should therefore settle this issue at the earliest.



Re-lay road to original height

After completing underground drainage work at First Cross Street New Colony, the Pallavapuram Municipality has re-laid the road. While we thank the municipality for the job, we are sorry to bring it to its notice that the road level has been raised several feet higher than GST Road. It is too steep to climb from GST Road entrance of first cross. Vehicles find in difficult to enter the street and people almost push their vehicles that often get stuck here. We request the Pallavapuram Municipality to re-lay the road after reducing the level to its original height and help the vehicle-users and the public to conveniently use the road once again.

V. Santhanam,


Postal delay regretted

I wanted to send a greetings to my friend who resides in Besant Nagar and whose birthday was on May 3. I mailed a greetings envelope by Book Post in West Mambalam on April 28. This was taken for clearance on the same day by the West Mambalam Post Office, I ascertained this information later from the addressee.

To my dismay, the envelope was delivered on the evening of May 4. It was unfortunate that the envelope had taken six days to travel a distance of about six km! The interesting part is that May 1, which was a holiday for all Tamil Nadu government departments, was a working day for Central government departments, including the Postal Department. Prompt and quick delivery of mails alone will make people happy. Or else, the service will lose its customers to private courier services.

S. Jayabalan,

West Mambalam

‘No Free Left Turn’ requested

With a ‘Free Left Turn’ for vehicles at N.M.S. Corner X Peters Road, Royapettah, there is no respite for flow of motor vehicles on West Cott Road (Y.M.C.A. side). Though there are two medians gaps – one opposite the Y.M.C.A. petrol bunk and the other opposite Wesley H.H. School – pedestrian find it too dangerous to cross the roads here. If a ‘No Free Left Turn’ traffic regulation is enforced, it will bring a break in the flow of vehicles and the people can cross without worry.

Aaron David,