R. Vimal Kumar

Tirupur Consumer Voice has been crusading for projects

Tirupur: The long-pending demand from the public for road overbridges (ROBs) across the two railway level crossings situated alongside Tirupur-Uthukuli road is finally looking set to materialise as the State Highways Department had come out with general arrangement drawings (GAD) for the two structures.

Owing to lack of ROBs, traffic snarls had become common along the busy Tirupur-Uthukuli road whenever the two railway gates at the level crossing No. 132 and No. 133 were closed.

Road connectivity skipping the two railway crossings, thus, had become a need of the hour to connect the busy flow of traffic crisscrossing the northern and southern sides of the railway track (i.e. Tirupur-Uthukuli road and Kongu Nagar area).

As per the new plan, it had been decided to construct a road under bridge (RUB) instead of a ROB to skip the level crossing No 133 taking the topography and convenience into consideration.


“Opting for RUB in the area will minimize the hindrance to the general public during the project execution process,” Highways Department officials pointed out.

Accordingly, the RUB planned in lieu of the level crossing No. 133 will come as an extension of the Court Road offering connectivity to Bridgeway Colony on the Kongu Nagar side.

Meanwhile, the initial idea of the ROB across the other level-crossing would not undergo any change.

Official sources told ‘The Hindu' that the Highways Department would soon commence the preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the RUB as necessary concurrence had been obtained from the Railways.

“In the case of ROB, DPR preparation will take a little longer to commence as the concurrence is yet to come from the Railways,” Highways Department officials said. The Tirupur Consumer Voice, a consumer organisation, which had been crusading for the two projects over the last 10 years feels that at least from now steps should be taken to complete the project at the earliest.