The National Highways that starts from Kanyakumari is not in a good condition. The road between Kanyakumari and Nagercoil is in a dissipated state. It is eroded in several places due to the heavy rain that lashed two months back. The road near Suchindrum Bridge and other bridges on the way needs urgent repair. The two-wheelers as well as small four-wheelers find it difficult to travel. The drivers of buses also face the hardship. The public suffer a lot due to this. They experience body pain and the old people seem to be the worst affected. The authorities should take necessary steps to repair the road upto Kalikovil near Kerala State border.

To avoid accidents good roads are necessary. Save the roads and save human lives.



Follow traffic rules

In Tirunelveli, road users have been instructed to follow the traffic rules strictly besides compulsory wearing of helmet. As per order, almost everyone including milk vendors are wearing helmets. This should be appreciated. Violators are being fined as per the tariff published in newspapers. This will definitely reduce the violation level and accident cases will also reduce. This sort of strict implementation of traffic rules should be followed in all districts of Tamil Nadu. Credit goes to Karuna Sagar, Commissioner of Police. Further, “one way” boards should have clear details i.e. one way for all vehicles or vans, buses, cars, lorries only. There is a doubt whether photocopies of R.C. Book, driving licence and insurance are carried while driving. Further driving of mopeds/bikes by school-going children must be prevented.

Shanmuga Subramanian,


A significant step

Apparently insignificant acts on our part often lead to some unanticipated serious consequences. One such is the casual manner in which heavy vehicles are often found parked near a hotel, which is located on the western flank of NH 7(Tirunelveli -Kanyakumari Highway) where it intersects the link road from Melappalayam to Reddiyarpatti. As such parked trucks block the view of the two-wheeler riders and car drivers, who make use of this link road either to enter the highway or to cross it for proceeding to Reddiyarpatti. Many road accidents take place at this road junction. A recent one is said to have ended up in the loss of the precious life of an engineering student.

Better road safety can be ensured at this spot, if the authorities concerned take needful action to end the above-mentioned unwelcome practice.

K. D. Viswanaathan,


Shunting trains

For enabling the residents of Tuticorin to board the trains running via maniyachi including 12997 Tirunelveli to Happa Express, 16352 Nagercoil to Mumbai (THU SUN), 16128 Guruvavur to Chennai, 12666 Kanyakumari - Howrah (Sat), 12641 Kanyakumari to Nizamudeen and newly introduced train from Tuticorin now running from Madurai, it is requested of railways to arrange about five or six rakes to link the above train from Tuticorin Melur station to Maniyachi station with special quota for the Tuticorin public. The empty rakes may be kept at Maniyachi junction and shuttled to Tuticorin.

E. S. Krishnan,


Increase bus services

Nagercoil-Colachel is an important route as far as Kanyakumari district is concerned. The buses that were running five years back are plying on this route and as a result the buses are not able to cope with the rush. There is a long gap of 30 minutes in between two services thereby causing inconvenience to the passengers. Several offices, colleges and schools are situated on this route as such each and every bus is packed like sardines. Moreover tourist destinations like Muttom and Thekkurichy, and pilgrim centres such as Mandaykadu are available on this route. TNSTC may operate more buses to ease traffic congestion and earn revenue. The buses that run on this route are inconsistent with the requirement coupled. Early action is solicited.

V. Kumar,


Improve railway station

The Srivaikuntam railway station in Tuticorin district is catering to the needs of the local commuters. But at the same time, the station is a picture of neglect since the station lacks adequate facilities such as proper platforms, foot-over-bridge and reservation counters.

It is really unfortunate that the Srivaikuntam railway station has been left in the lurch without proper facilities even after the Tiruchendur-Tirunelveli rail route was converted into broad gauge.

Another bitter truth is that the passengers are now facing many difficulties while boarding and alighting the trains because the length of the present platform is short.

As a result, those frequenting the station are put to a lot of inconvenience. The local people and the other representatives have sent many appeals and petitions to the authorities concerned demanding the facilities. But till date, no action has been taken.

Therefore, I request the Railways authorities concerned to look into the matter immediately and do the needful as soon as possible.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai



Power cuts in Tamil Nadu causes great inconvenience to the residents. It affects food preparation at homes and even motors cannot be operated to fill the tank. This is a big loss to the electricity board. People in the rural areas are the most affected and children studying for the exams are not able to study due to the power shutdown. My suggestion is to schedule the shutdown in the day time from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will be convenient for the students and residents instead of the shutdown in two hour gaps.

Praveen K,

Sankar Nagar.

Load autorickshaws or passenger carriers

The traffic authorities in Tirunelveli in order to minimise traffic hazards here have started taking stringent measures by imposing spot fines on vehicles violating road rules. In a way this would reduce the number of vehicles on the road thereby easing traffic congestion. But the load autorickshaws meant for carrying goods are very often seen on the roads carrying people especially when they go for construction work, road-laying work and at times to temple or family celebrations. The authorities seem to turn a blind eye to such vehicles passing by. Will the traffic authorities take stern action on those vehicles that violate traffic regulations?

Baby Harlin. J,


Coverage, well done

This has reference to the news item in ‘The Hindu' dated February 13, 2012 captioned “Jallikattu at Kosavapattu.” It is interesting to note that jallikattu which is held in the month of January every year as part of Pongal celebrations has been conducted by Christians in Kosavapattu in Dindugul district in the month of February. Thanks to ‘The Hindu' which brought to light with beautiful pictures something new to me. No doubt jallikattu is a sport of the Tamils beyond caste creed or religion. I must make a special mention about the photographs by G. Karthikeyan displayed on the regional page which were very pleasing to the eyes. Even the rose petals falling from the bull's horns could be seen crystal clear. Well done Mr. Karthikeyan.E. Rajakumar Arulanandham,


Mind your choice

It is a known fact that roadside eateries and fast food restaurants in most cases promote health hazards because of their unhygienic conditions. Yet parents, especially, the working middle class along with their children rush to such hotels during weekends adopting a new fashion of ‘no-kitchen Saturday' and this is widely spreading in Tirunelveli. Children too, attracted by the advertisements through the media on various junk foods like burger, pizza enjoy the stuff. Sale of processed and packaged items like chips are on the increase even in petty-stalls. Who knows what ingredients were added to these food items to add taste and how far they are good to health of children? It is time educational institutions organised campaigns towards making children aware of what exactly they are consuming and what would be the effects of the food and in what way it would be injurious to their health and so on.

R. Donjeba,


Waste management

Of late dumping of bio-degradable waste by the sides of the State Highways is on the rise. The main contributors are the roadside evening eateries, beauty parlours, flower vendors, and bakers. This menace is very acute between the stretch from SBI Spic Nagar to Saveriyarpuram. Corporation puts its conservancy staff on duty once in three days to remove this accumulation. During this period pigs feed on this garbage posing risk to two wheeler riders. Three days accumulation gets so voluminous that, more than a dozen conservancy staff and a supervisor work at a particular point for more than 45 minutes. The stench during this removal is unbearable and it poses health hazards to the corporation staff themselves.

Alternatively these solid waste generators should be encouraged to collect their wastes in mega size black garbage bags, tied at the top, and kept inside the concrete bunkers already provided for this purpose. Removal will also be so easy. A truck with two conservancy staff can pick these bags and load it in the truck. It can be collected daily too. Still, if compliance is not encouraging by the polluters, then corporation can think of enforcement.

J. Edison Devakaram,